Annex-Skycamp mini

iKamper Skycamp Mini Annex Review

iKAMPER Skycamp Mini Annex Extension


Enhance your Skycamp Mini Rooftop Tent with our Annex add-on! This is an extended ground tent that seamlessly attaches to your iKamper, essentially giving you a protected ‘ground floor’ room. This feature-rich annex ensures you can enter or leave your tent shielded from the elements. It’s perfect for keeping insects away, expanding your sleeping area, storing essentials, or simply having an intimate spot to unwind.

Annex-Skycamp mini

Selecting the Right Annex – High or Low?
Ensure that you’re pairing with a Skycamp Mini. For those with Skycamp 2.0 or X-Cover, we have dedicated annexes tailored for those models.

Got a Skycamp Mini? Great! Start by gauging the elevation of the crossbars or the platform rack where your Skycamp Mini is anchored. Our ‘Low’ version is suitable for compact vehicles or Skycamp Minis installed on truck beds. For taller vehicles, choose the ‘High’ version. Here are the detailed dimensions:

Skycamp Mini Annex Sizes

  • High Version:
    • Dimensions: 118 – 134″ (L) X 118 – 134″ (W) X 67.3 – 78.7″ (H)
    • Suited for crossbar heights between 67.3″ and 78.7″.
  • Low Version:
    • Dimensions: 118 – 134″ (L) X 118 – 134″ (W) X 59 – 67″ (H)
    • Ideal for crossbar heights ranging from 59″ to 67″.

Distinctive Features of the Skycamp Mini Annex

  • Easily connects to the Skycamp Mini’s entrance, covering the ladder area (Note: When the Annex is in use, the iKamper Awning can’t be attached concurrently).
  • Ample and flexible usable space.
  • Three expansive doors outfitted with both solid fabric and mosquito netting.
  • With the provided tent poles, doors can be transformed into overhead canopies.
  • Fabricated with waterproof material (150D Polyester featuring a 3000mm PU color coat).
  • Accompanied by a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Package Includes:

  • Annex with a trio of doors
  • Pair of poles
  • Dozen stakes
  • Two guy ropes
  • Pair of rope adjusters
  • Single storage pouch.