BDV solo ikamper tent open on truck rooftop

iKamper BDV Solo Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Review

Key Features:

  • Smaller Footprint: Enough space to mount additional items like a bicycle.
  • Easy-to-Handle Wedge Design: Opens and closes in under 60 seconds.
  • Flexible Ladder Placement: Can be attached on three sides.
  • Durable Exterior Shells: UV resistant, withstands elements.
  • Low Profile: Just 6.59 inches tall, ideal for garages or parking lots.
  • Four-Season Capability: Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Comfortable Mattress: 9-zone 2.75” thick polyfoam insulated mattress.
  • Accessory Rails: Allows mounting of additional gear.
  • Extra Storage: Crossbars and space for accessories, including solar panels.

Special Features:

  • Revolutionary Mattress: iKamper’s 9-zone comfort system adapts to your body.
  • 60-Second Setup: High-quality struts ensure quick opening and closing.
  • Extra Storage Options: Including channels for mounting various accessories.
  • Strong Materials: The exterior is made of UV-resistant FRP material.

The iKamper BDV Solo is designed for the adventurous solo traveler. It offers a one-person capacity and a groundbreaking design, allowing customers to purchase it either assembled or unassembled for a DIY project.

Price and Assembly:

The unassembled option saves $300 and comes with instructions for easy assembly and mounting on your vehicle.

Design and Space Utilization: Its wedge design provides space for additional gear like bicycles or cargo boxes on your roof rack.

Videos and Dimensions: Assembly and walkthrough videos, as well as dimensions, are available for reference.

Warranty: The iKamper BDV Solo comes with a 2-year warranty, covering repair or replacement.


  • Capacity: Designed for one person, possibly a pet.
  • Assembly: Available in assembled or unassembled versions.
  • Compatibility: Fits most roof racks and crossbars.
  • Additional Gear Space: Enough room for a bike, fishing rods, or water tanks.

Final Thoughts

The iKamper BDV Solo rooftop tent epitomizes innovation for the contemporary solo traveler. With its compact design, swift setup, and unparalleled comfort, it promises an unparalleled outdoor experience. The added bonus of extra storage capabilities and the unique mattress design make it more than just a tent; it’s an all-encompassing camping solution. Its flexible assembly options cater to both the DIY enthusiast and those looking for ready-to-use solutions. Built with robust materials and designed to have a sleek profile, the BDV Solo is not just an investment in gear but an investment in countless memorable adventures ahead. Whether you’re journeying into the wilderness or embarking on a road trip, this tent ensures you’re well-equipped for the journey.