ikamper rooftop tent bdv duo

iKamper BDV Duo Review: Comprehensive Insights & User Experience

iKamper Continues to Set the Benchmark for Excellence with Their Latest Hardshell Tent

ikamper rooftop tent bdv duo

Meet the BDV clamshell tent by iKamper. The name “BDV,” standing for Blue Dot Voyager, beautifully captures the essence of our adventurous spirit on our blue planet, Earth.

The BDV showcases iKamper’s hallmark versatility among rooftop tents (RTT). Designed to accommodate all your gear necessities without compromises. Depending on your vehicle’s configuration, you can opt to set the ladder at the driver’s side, passenger side, or even the rear. With its intuitive ladder and wedge layout, you don’t have to dismantle your camp if you wish to move your car.

For those who love to dive straight into their adventures, the BDV is available ready-to-use. Alternatively, if you’re a hands-on enthusiast who enjoys some DIY, there’s an unassembled version that lets you save a bit.

The BDV stands out with its slim design at just 7 inches, making it significantly less bulky than many rooftop tents. This sleekness ensures minimal impact on vehicle performance and maintains optimal overhead clearance.

This tent is our quickest to erect. A simple latch release and the BDV practically sets itself up. Just position the ladder, and you’re ready to relax.

The side accessory rails provide space to attach essential tools, while the top can host solar panels, storage units, and other vital equipment.

Stay tuned for a range of tailor-made accessories launching in 2023, ensuring that you have everything you need without resorting to makeshift solutions.

True to iKamper’s legacy, the BDV has been rigorously tested to withstand diverse conditions. Be it challenging weather or road tests, this tent is built to endure.

Experience camping on a different level. With its roomy interiors, vast windows, and plush high-density polyfoam mattresses, every moment is an absolute pleasure.


  • Floor: Sturdy honeycomb aluminum panels for insulation
  • Tent Fabric: Breathable, blackout 300gsm poly-cotton canvas
  • Rainfly: 75D ripstop polyester with eco-friendly water-resistant coating
  • Mattress: 9-zone, insulated polyfoam, 2.75″ thickness
  • Shell: Rocky Black FRP shell resistant to scratches/UV and complemented by durable canvas sides
  • Seasonal Compatibility: 4-season
  • Sleeping Capacity: Accommodates 1-2 individuals
  • Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • Dimensions: Height (7” closed / 55.25” open); Footprint (89” x 55.25” or 34.15 sq ft)